Success Stories


"The greatest compliment that I have received was being told by the director of a non-profit that I was very "self-aware". There is a certain confidence that comes with seeing the confirmation of your strengths and weaknesses on paper. I owe that self confidence in part to TypeFocus. Now I can go into an interview and answer the difficult questions with a greater understanding of who I am and what I want."
Student at College

"I would have to say the TypeFocus Report was really accurate. It nailed my personality. I think that this is a good way for everybody looking for answers to better help them with where their strengths and weaknesses are. To better one's self in any area is healthy. My general description was so very true because I like to help people. And what better ways to do that than help people through my career."
Student at Universty

"I am happy that the feedback gave me so many choices and different fields of work that I could explore with the results they came up with based on the kind of personality I have."
Student at High School.


"Of specific benefit is the fact that TypeFocus is fast, accurate and is fun to do. All clients report that it has been their favourite assessment tool when completing their Career Decision Making options. The process that we use prior to the client completing the Type Focus assessment stems from clients being unsure of what careers to explore that would best suit them. Especially for those clients that need to look at re-careering due to downsizing of current position to the lack of education or training client currently has to enter or re-enter into the labour market. This exploration of viewing alternate careers is part of our process for clients looking at the possibility of future training. It will also ensure they have made a sound career choice.

Clients canvassed also advised that they felt it opened many career options for them in fields of employment they would never have thought of. We want to thank the TypeFocus team for their terrific product and excellent client service."
Sandra J Day, Program Manager. Jump On Board Youth Employment Services

"As you know, I am one of your biggest fans of TypeFocus. Auburn University has been using TypeFocus for over seven years and have found it a great assessment tool that is true to Type assessment, highly correlated with MB, which we also use, and most importantly, very user friendly and popular with our students.

Overall, both faculty and students have high praise for TypeFocus. We also use TypeFocus with very large classes because it is so much easier to administer and interpret by using your website as the teaching tool. Also, with its rich database and easy to use administration functions, we are using TypeFocus to explore and support the effectiveness of our classes and counseling interventions. Overall, the counselors in Career Development Services at Auburn University have been very pleased with the effectiveness and utility of TypeFocus and can highly recommend TypeFocus to other colleges and universities."
Jack Walls, Career Counselor, Career Development Services, Auburn University

"I love using the TypeFocus program in my career counseling. Most career assessments do not take things to this personal level - they focus mostly on aptitudes and not personality style.

I am a certified type practitioner. The TypeFocus program fits our needs perfectly - our students love it!"
Shawn Johnson, Director Career Services, Edgewood College
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