• How It Works
    Build your confidence and find out which jobs are the best ones for you. Discover your natural personality strengths and the secrets to use them.
  • Self Assessments
    Discover what you want to do with ADDITIONAL assessments on Values and Interests! Hundreds of thousands of TypeFocus clients have found the direction they were looking for with these professional assessments.
  • Explore Occupations
    Explore 1,000 occupations to find the ones that fit you like a glove. Work with your strengths and you will be more successful and get ahead faster.
  • Set Goals
    Find the focus you are looking for when you set goals the TypeFocus way. Combining your passion and your personality strengths makes your plans unique.
  • Job Search Tools
    There are jobs out there for you! Learn to pinpoint your job search and make each interview a success with the TypeFocus Interview guides.
  • Success At Work
    Be successful in your new job! Find out what employers want and use your unique strengths to make them and you successful.
  • Portfolio
    All your reports and plans are combined in one easy-to-find page so you can actually use everything you have learned about yourself.
  • Resources
    500 occupational videos, ongoing interactive help and more! You get it all with the upgraded version.
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